Monday, June 17, 2013


Tacos & Sage's Corn Salad

I love taco night.  And I love options.  Go big on the options.

  • Salsa (your own?)  F that.  Costco.
  • Sour cream.
  • Chopped lettuce.
  • Guac (your own, for real)
  • Chips
  • Shredded cheese (queso fresco and/or cheddar)

So let's focus on the meats.

First, not for rookies:
The double-crunch taco, leftover BBQ pulled pork, queso fresco, shredded lettuce, sour cream, and a drizzle of BBQ.


  • 2lb ground beef
  • 1/2c salsa
  • 1/8c chili powder
  • 1/8c oil (olive, veggie, whatevs)
  • 2TBSP garlic
  • salt

Cook and chop the beef until cooked through.  Add the spices and cook it until not watery from the salsa.  Add more oil or water if it gets too dry.


  • Roast 2 chickens (this takes time.  too bad.)
  • 4 limes
  • 1/4c salsa
  • Cilantro

Debone the chickens and rip the meat into shreds.  Saute that with enough oil to not stick, juice the limes, and add the salsa, cilantro, and whatever other spices you're feeling.

Leftovers happen as a salad.

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