Friday, June 14, 2013

Roll-your-own Sushi

Sushi - Spicy Tuna and Tuna maki

Date-night sushi.  Good idea?  Yes.  This is complicated.  Try to pay attention.

Little bit of fish goes a long way.  So do silicone sushi rolling mats.

You'll need (for the sushi):
1lb of really good ahi.  Don't skimp.
Some nori or soy sushi paper sheets (this will make about 4)
1/3c of mayo
TBSP of syracha or some other hot sauce you like
Chopped chives, green onions, avocados, cucumbers, or whatever else you like with your fish

And sushi rice.  Cooked.

Spicy Tuna:
Take half the ahi, chop it up nice and fine.  Add the syracha and mayo.  Mix.  Put 'er in the fridge.

To roll that mess up (this makes rice-on-the-outside rolls):
If you want rice-on-the-inside-rolls, then 
Take a sushi mat and cover it in rice.  You don't want to mash the rice, and you want it less than a half inch thick.  Takes practice.  Try some water on those mitts so it doesn't stick.

Put a sheet of nori or soy on top of the rice.

Don't forget the sexy assistant
Lay all the goodies on top of the paper, about 1/3 of the way up from the bottom.  Try to align things horizontally so that when you cut them, it looks pretty.  When you're ready to roll it, try not to squeeze the shit out the side of the sushi roll.  Be gentle.

Want some sauce?
Try 1/4c of mayo plus 2 TBSP of a sweet chili sauce
Or go straight up shoyu and make some wasabi.  That green powder that turns into the paste you get at sushi restaurants is fake.  For realz.

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